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What is the duration of the program?

The duration of our educational program is four years; made up of eight semesters


What courses take place in the program?

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What is the duration of the required/compulsory internship period?

Our students are required to complete  two intership periods:  one in summer lasting 10 weeks, and one in the last semester of the studies, lasting 15 weeks, which totals up to 25 weeks  of work experience.


Important points to pay attention to, during the selection of the internship location.

Training locations have to be selected from among the Tourism Industry companies / firms.

Our students generally complete their trainings at world reknown 5 star hotel chains and or major airline companies. They  also have the opportunity to find employment at travel agencies and tourism industry support establishments. 


Can I complete my required  intership period abroad?

Yes you can complete the compulsory/required internship abroad via the offered  Erasmus  training programs and/or the Work & Travel Programs


Does a student enrolled in the program have an opportunity to pursue a “double major”?

Our students have the opportunity to do double majors .

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Can I get further information about programs that will equip me with competitive leverage in my future Professional life?

Our program offers various online simulated courses that give competititive advantage and hands-on experience  to our graduates that they can apply in their professional life.

Hospitality industry hotel management OPERA simulation system as well as  Airline and Airport online simulation management  courses are administered in the program. Through these simulated on line courses, our students set up their own virtual companies  and compete among themselves to acquire invaluable experiece. 


What are some of the employment opportunities after graduation?

Our students get to know the industry better during their internship periods as well as the  opportunity to present themselves to the establishments they get their internship at. Hence an important number of our students get employment offers from firms where  they complete their trainings, leading to  many of them landing their first jobs without a period of job hunting.   Employment is found at vaious sectors;  predominantly  at International Hotel Chains, Airlines, and travel planning organisations.


In which fields/ branches  can I get graduate level education ?

Our students, after completing their undergraduate studies, can pursue graduate degrees in business administration, tourism and transport fields among others.