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Our Mission

The aim of the Department of International Logistics and Transportation is to provide the necessary educational upbringing for future middle manager or senior manager candidates who can speak two or more foreign languages, can manage the logistical operations of national or international organizations, and can assume executive positions in the administration of logistics and transportation companies.

Our Vision

Logistics covers a wide range of activities such as the procurement of raw materials, or the shipment, storage and distribution of products. Transportation, on the other hand, has different forms involving the use of land, air or sea vehicles. Our academic program has been arranged in a way that enables our students to specialize in a specific field of logistics, based on their preferences. Apart from providing its students with the ability to gain expertise in a specific field of international logistics and transportation, our Department also offers the advantage of completing two internship periods in the leading firms of the sector, together with the opportunity to learn two or more foreign languages.