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Undergraduate Transfer

In our university, three types of undergraduate transfers are possible: In-house, according to the average grade between institutions and according to the central placement score.

1-In-house undergraduate transfers can be made to any undergraduate program within the university provided that the transition requirements are announced each year. Undergraduate programs cannot be transferred in the first two semesters and last two semesters. In order to apply for transfer between undergraduate programs, the central placement score of the student who is eligible for the undergraduate program that he / she wants to pass as of the year he / she enters the central exam must not be less than the lowest score of the undergraduate programs of other universities in Turkey. The time spent outside the foreign language preparatory class prior to transfer is included in the teaching period. In this context, the total period of education of a student who has been transferred from any undergraduate program whose education period is four years to another four-year undergraduate program cannot exceed seven years. These periods are determined not to exceed eight years for those with five years and nine years for programs with six years.

2. A second transfer method is the horizontal transfer according to the average grade between institutions. The general rules and principles of this transition are announced annually on the web page of our university once a year in June. For details, please visit our web page.

3. The third type of transfer is the type of transfer within and between institutions according to the Central Placement Points. The general rules and principles of this type of transition are published twice in June and January each year and are announced on the website of our university. Again, you can visit the undergraduate transition tab on our website for details.

Vertical Transmission:

The Department of International Business and Trade also accepts students through vertical transfer (DGS). Information regarding quotas and points can be followed in the Vertical Transfer Guide published by OSYM in July every year.