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First type of scholarship:

Full scholarship will be given to students placed in full scholarship programs,

50% The scholarship will be given to students who are placed in scholarship programs.

25% The scholarship will be given to students placed in scholarship programs and covers one quarter of the tuition fee.

For those who are studying in any scholarship program and continuing to double major program, one semester is added to this period.

Second type of scholarship: In-university Achievement Scholarship, settled in Yeditepe University and in accordance with the principles determined by the University's top boards;

75% of the tuition fee for the next student

Second 50%

The third 25% of the program is given to students who have been enrolled in the program at least 35 before the fall semester. This scholarship ends as of the end of the academic year.

Third Scholarship Type: Students who are accepted to the University sports team in the fields of Basketball, Volleyball and Handball and participate in national races in individual sports are given 50% of the tuition fee and cover the Foreign Language Preparatory Program.

Sports scholarship;

The GPA of the student in the program under education falls below 2.00 over 4.00,

Disciplinary action,

By the coach or coach of the team; expulsion from the team for reasons such as lack of discipline, lack of performance or permanent disability,

Individual sports student is not called to the National Team twice in a row; however, it is re-issued if the overall grade point average and sports performance are raised again.