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Students of the Department of International Trade and Business have the opportunity to make double majors / departments with the departments of the Faculty of Commerce and certain departments of other faculties.

The double major program must have at least 30 credits in addition to the total credit of the major program, provided that both major courses meet the total credit hours required for graduation and other requirements of these programs. The double major program can be applied for at the earliest third and at the latest fifth semester of the registered program (International Business and Trade)

In order to accept a student's double major application:

  • To have successfully completed all courses taken in the major program (International Business and Trade) of which it is registered until the period of application
  • At the time of application for a double major program, the GPA of the major program (International Business and Trade) must be at least 3.00.
    In order to start the double major program with a scholarship, the student's GPA is 3.25 out of 4.00.
  • The double major program must have a placement score of not less than the base score of the relevant year.

The student must be successful in the aptitude test for the admission of students to the double major diploma program.

No more than one major program can be registered at the same time. However, at the same time, student can register for the minor program with a second major diploma. The student in the double major program can transfer to the second major diploma program when the major program provides the conditions in accordance with the transition provisions within the higher education institution.

During the double major education, the student's CGPA can be reduced to 2.50 for one time only. If the GPA falls below 2.50 for the second time, the student is dismissed from the second major diploma program. Students who do not take courses from the double major program for two consecutive semesters are deleted from the second major program.

In order to graduate from the second major program, the CGPA must be at least 2.70 and the graduation requirements of the programs must be fulfilled. The second major diploma is given to the student who continues the double major program if student graduated from the first major program.

Students who have completed the major program but who are missing from the second major program can be extended for a maximum of two semesters upon the decision of the board of directors of the faculty where the second major program is located. However, if an extension is required in double major programs where credit load is intensive, an additional two semesters can be extended. A second degree diploma is given to the students who have the right to graduate from the undergraduate program and have completed the double major program.