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Students who have completed International Trade and Business are sought by all institutions that do international trade and international business. In the developing World, Turkey is a great need for staff to carry out this initiative. Both the foreign language program graduates in terms of both information and equipment knowledge, Turkey has the distinction of being the people that need it most in this period. In this respect, students who have completed the program are of great value and Turkey at the beginning of the globalization moves where elements needed will graduate from this program. An intensive internship program is applied in order for our students to successfully apply the managerial and professional theoretical knowledge acquired in their careers. Thanks to these intensive internship programs, many of our students receive job offers from companies they do internship while they are still students; as soon as they graduate without going through the job search period after graduation, they are taken into the business life.


In today's world, which is rapidly globalizing and all business have an international connections, graduates of International Trade and Business have a wide range of business fields. In this context, our graduates can work in every level of domestic and foreign companies engaged in foreign trade companies, in global companies, international audit companies, international banks and insurance companies, finance and service sector, international merger and acquisition companies and consultancy companies.