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What kind of competitive advantages can Yeditepe University Department of International Trade and Business provide to its graduates in their professional life?

Our department offers two compulsory internships and the opportunity to learn a second foreign language to gain competitive advantage and experience. Students are encouraged to go abroad with the Erasmus Program in order to increase their experience abroad. Our department aims to bring the students together with distinguished academicians or business representatives through various conferences or panels.


What are the career opportunities / fields of study after graduating from the Department of International Business and Trade?

Graduates of the Department of International Business and Trade can work in foreign trade companies, foreign trade departments of companies, import and export departments, foreign trade services of banks, customs, customs clearance companies, logistics companies and insurance companies.

Also, they have the opportunity to work in all public and private sector institutions where graduates of the Faculties of Economics, Business Administration and Economics and Administrative Sciences are employed.