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To be effective in finance today, students need to understand technology and how it is changing global business models. We incorporate this in our program. Our Finance Lab prepares students to be able to use the latest technology for financial research and for trading on international markets that is used by financial institutions worldwide. We introduce new courses such as Financial Services Marketing based on industry trend. 

We can leverage our placement within the Faculty of Commerce to provide students access to state-of-the-art courses taught by faculty specialized in related areas. Courses in computer programming, web development, artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity can prepare students for areas such as fintech and financial platform development. Familiarity with databases, ERP systems, and digital systems used in fields such as logistics and airline management can help students enter into areas such as digital integration.

The Faculty of Commerce includes programs in Information Technology and Management Information Systems, the only departments in Turkey for E-Trade and for Cybersecurity, an award-winning Tourism Department that offers courses such as where students manage an airline and compete internationally using simulations, Logistics and International Trade. The Higher Vocational School has programs in specialized areas such as Agricultural Trade and Management, Aviation Management, Real Estate Development and Management, Human Resources Management and Software Development, Customs and Border Management. Choosing your electives carefully can even facilitate a minor field or a second major for you, preparing you to work in interdisciplinary areas. You can also continue on to masters and doctoral programs in finance or related technology fields. 

The University itself has a wide range of progams and courses across disciplines, opportunities to learn foreign languages, exchange agreements with Erasmus and with other institutions that allow you to complete some of your coursework, including internship, abroad.

Graduates of the International Finance Department are involved in finance  and accounting departments of banks, insurance, investment, portfolio management companies, corporate sector firms, and public organizations such as the State Planning Organization, the Central Bank and the Undersecretariat of Treasury. In addition to finding employment opportunities, students can establish their own companies. Various departments and faculties offer courses on entrepreneurship related issues, some with external industry organizations.

As a student in the Yeditepe University International Finance Department you have a unique opportunity to design a program that prepares you for your chosen career path in finance.