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During the initial years, the International Finance program includes basic courses such as History, Mathematics, Economics, Introduction to Computers and Information Processing, Academic English, Principles of Financial Accounting and Management. In later years, we offer specialized courses such as Statistics, Financial Statements Analysis, Econometrics, Industrial Economics, Open Markets Economics, Financial Markets and Institutions, Principles of Finance, Corporate Finance, International Financial Management, Law, International Trade and Finance Theory, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Derivatives Markets, Technical and Fundamental Analysis on Stock Exchange, Financial Risk Analysis/Management, Money and Banking, Turkish Capital Markets, and Financial Services Marketing. 

Among the advanced area specialization courses, students can take Corporate Governance and Ethics, Insurance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Behavioral Finance, Public Finance, Management and Cost Accounting, Asian and European Economies, Advanced Investment Analysis, International Corporate Finance, Turkish Industry, Turkish Tax System and Real Estate Valuation/Management.

We have eleven electives that allow students to create their own concentration areas from multidisciplinary subjects, along with Internship for real-life experience and Graduation Project for conducting research and presenting the results in a public forum.