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What are the career opportunities/fields of study after graduating from the Department of International Finance?

Graduates of the International Finance Department are involved in banks, insurance, investment, portfolio management companies, corporate sector firms, and public organizations such as the State Planning Organization, the Central Bank and the Undersecretariat of Treasury. By selecting appropriate electives, a minor or a second major, students can also be employed in fields that require inter-disciplinary knowledge such as development of financial platforms, digital integration, business analytics and fintech using technologies of the future such as big data and artificial intelligence. In addition to finding employment opportunities, students are also able to establish their own companies with the background they acquire.

After graduating from the Department of International Finance, a master's degree can be obtained in fields such as financial economics, business administration, and economics, as well as fields related to business technology such as in Mangament Information Systems, or specialized fields such as E-Trade and Big Data.