Prof. Dr. Avadis Hacınlıyan
Department Head 

The Department of Information Systems and Technologies (Computer Software Development) with its knowledge-oriented approach and interdisciplinary educational infrastructure aims to educate and train effective and competent versatile IT professionals who can successfully be active in today's complex business environment. The Department collaborates with the leading companies in the sector such as Cisco, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle and implements curriculum changes reflecting certification standards and possibilities in close cooperation with the sector. Our graduates with such an education can assume positions as system designers and managers, network administrators, database systems specialists, web designers, programmers and software developers. They can also assume positions related to information technology such as computer security experts, accounting, business management, administration. Since they are equipped with organizational information, they can also work in management and consultancy involving e-commerce, decision-making systems, project management, banking, insurance and accounting. The US Department of Labor had expected that 1.5 million jobs would be opened in the IT sector in the years 2006-2016. Nowadays, Software Developers, Web Designers, Project Managers Database administrators and application developers are the most sought-after professionals. 59% of our graduates in the academic year 2015-16 were employed immediately thereafter.

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