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Our Mission

At the Department of Electronic Trade and Technology Management, our mission is to provide the necessary education for students who, upon graduation, will be able to respond to the needs and requirements of the E-Commerce sector. The Internet has eliminated the physical distances for conducting business operations and created a global marketplace, which has increased competition and made it a necessity for business firms to use all of their instruments more efficiently. In this context, E-Commerce, which is an important instrument for gaining competitive advantage, is rapidly growing throughout the world, and has been adopted as a new business model by many companies. E-Commerce, which enables all types of physical purchasing and selling operations to be conducted in the virtual environment, also enables the transactions to be rapidly completed and eliminates the costs associated with middlemen in the traditional business environment, which provides important advantages for business firms in terms of reducing their costs and expenditures, therefore increasing their profits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the educational upbringing of qualified business professionals who can respond to the needs and requirements of the commercial and financial sectors in which E-Commerce methods are widely used, and who can transform the latest theoretical and practical information regarding business management, commerce, technology, computing and software programming into applications related to the sector.