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The Faculty of Commerce at Yeditepe University aims to provide its students with a high quality education and the skills of leadership, foresight, innovativeness, creativity and adaptability to change, which are essential for success in today's business world. For this purpose, the Departments of E-Commerce Management, Information Security Technology, Information Systems and Technologies, International Finance, International Trade and Business, International Transportation Systems, Logistics Management, Management Information Systems and Tourism Management are constantly enhancing and updating their academic programs through collaboration agreements with the leading firms in their respective sectors, thus fulfilling the need in the labor markets for dedicated professionals with specialization and expertise in these specific fields.

All departmental curricula at the Faculty of Commerce focus upon major courses in business administration, economics, operations research, and statistics.  In addition, a large number of applied courses have also been developed, which, unlike those offered in many other four-year academic programs, have been designed to provide a direct link between education and the workplace. The medium of instruction is English.

These programs emphasize national as well as international perspectives, keeping in mind the prevailing trends towards globalization. With high-quality course programs and modern facilities, teaching activities maintain the highest international standards. Teaching and research staff have a wide range of experience and expertise in all areas of business and management studies, and remain active in research while collaborating with the local business community in a number of areas.  As a matter of policy, all faculty programs include workshop/seminar courses in their schedules, within which professionals from the business community, and other relevant contributors, are invited to lecture on key issues.  Summer and exchange programs and new seminar and workshop sessions accommodating the growing needs of service and manufacturing industries are also in the process of continuous development.

Close relationships are maintained between staff and students, and every effort is exerted to satisfy the different needs of individual students. Course designs are also based upon the requirements of the local and global business communities in order to maintain the highest quality of content. This is done with the clear intention of providing students with a better chance of eventually finding the most suitable professional positions. The courses offered also meet national and international standards, thus enabling students to transfer readily their earned credits to other institutions.

The programs of the faculty aim to provide accredited and specialized applied training of the highest quality. Programs are designed to permit broad-based study whilst allowing students flexibility in the pursuit of a chosen area of specialization. Contacts with renowned institutions abroad and link schemes also serve to enhance the existing quality of service by observing best practice and attempting, continuously, to introduce new ideas in international education.