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Our Student  Öykü Kılıç:

Yeditepe University allows us to achieve what we want. I am a student in the department of Tourism and Hotel Management. I chose my future in the tourism industry. I am doing a double major in the department of International Finance. As I have a full scholarship for both departments, I decided to do my double major in Finance which will give me a competitive advantage in the hotel world. Learning German, joining activities that I am interested... There is always more than I dream. In a nutshell, if I had to choose again, I would choose the same and be a part of Tourism and Hotel Management at Yeditepe University.



Our Student Melda Müge Erdir:

Getting my education at the Tourism & Hospitality Department at Yeditepe University was my dream and my first choice. I realised this dream as a full scholarship student

Being a scholarship student at an established educational institution like Yeditepe university is putting me a step ahead in my current employment and singling me out at other prospective interviews .

A lot of factors led me to select Yeditepe as my first choice; academic staff and study abroad opportunities were among others. I am still glad  that the “academic staff” factor was one of my decision criteria. Learning  English during   the prep school year and later adding on the German langıage at undergraduate level; I was able to get the well rounded foreign language  education I needed.

Successfully passing the language exam administered at our university I joined the exchange program and continued my education abroad for a term in the USA at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.Transferring all my credits from the USA and improving my English proficiency considerably, I can now proceed more confidently  with my professional career.




Our Student Efnan Doğan:

If one asks me as a graduate of the Tourism and Hotel Management Department of Yeditepe University to sum up my experince; I can comfortably say: ” Beyond any expectation”

Beyond classroom education we received real life simulations and leading guidance from our teachers. As students who are graduating, we have acquired the foresight needed as future leaders  

Representing my country abroad for a term with the Erasmus scholarship in Austria, having had a supervisory level training in the USA, getting a good education and coupled with International Finance  graduating with a double major I now feel  confident and strong ..ready for the future ahead.

I am proud to be a member and a graduate of this department; a privilege I will cherish the rest of my life . Glad to be a “Yeditepeli”