Dec 04

As part of the ATH 340 Security & Loss Prevention Management course, representatives from our teaching staff and a group of our students visited Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla.

Following a lunch buffet offered by the hotel, Financial Controller Aziz Yiğitbaş and Director of Operations Kadir Alpat made a detailed presentation on risk management, security operations and contemporary legal issues so as to complement the course content. In conclusion, various operational units including security and energy management were demonstrated.

Nov 29

International Trade Club: "Sector Talks"

Deniz Tellioğlu Atakan
Sales Manager at PVH Corp. Tommy Hilfiger

Nov 27

International Finance Club: "Stock Market Trading Strategies"

Kıvanç Özbilgiç

Oct 30

Yeditepe University Finance Club will host Mr. Özgür Güneri, CEO and co-owner of BtcTurk, for discussing the latest trends on Blockchain ve Cryptocurrencies.

May 08

2018 Young Researchers in Finance

Cüneyt Başaran
Editor in Chief, Bloomberg HT


May 02

Informatics Talks: "SAP Basis and Innovation"

Uğur Selek
Basis Unit Manager, SAP

Apr 16

Informatics Talks: "Blockchain"

Engin Polat
Regional Director, Microsoft