Assoc. Prof. Dr. Altan Kar
Department Head 

The Department of Electronic Trade and Technology Management enables students to discover the new web-based business models and to understand the new trends regarding web-based applications. The Department offers an interdisciplinary curriculum which combines a broad range of subjects and fields such as business administration, finance, economics, strategy, project management and entrepreneurship with subjects related to information technologies such as E-Business, E-Marketing, Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM), database management, web programming and web design. The Department's academic program also prepares students for the execution of real-time projects and applications related to the sector, and for new career opportunities in the field of E-Commerce.

The Department also offers a Master's Degree Program in E-Commerce (with thesis / without thesis). For more information, please visit the Master's Degree Program's web page on the website of the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

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